Kim Ruben Vatnehagen

We might be silent from time to time, but that is just a sign that we are hard at work. And I thought now was a good time to share a little something about a title we're working on. It's not our main focus and you could call it a spare time game, if we had any of that! Keep on reading to learn more about the featured critters, and also get a glimps of some of the awesome artwork.

gnar2The game is focused on these small critters we named Gnarballs. They’re an obnoxius bunch, capable of doing quite alot of damage if left unattended. They also breed like rabbits on speed or maybe more like giving water to Gremlins. Reading that might make you think:

Ahh… Carnage! Lemme at em!

backdropBut that’s not the aim of the game, quite contrary.. Saving them, that’s the aim of the game. You see, Gnarballs are also vital to survival in the future spaceage times that the game is set to. Just have a look at that beautiful backdrop on the right here! You wouldn’t want those cute Gnarballs wreaking havoc to such a beautiful scenery would you?

More Gnarballs

That was just a teaser image up there. We do have more images of them, and there’s more than one type too. So why don’t I just share some higher resolution images of our beloved Gnarballs with you :)


The game has really simple controls, and is easily adjustable in difficulty. So we’re reaching out to a wider audience than just hardcore gamers on this one. Also we’ve come up with an awesome scoring system, where racking up points will be an integral part of playing the game. I’m already excited to seeing your scores on those leaderboards!

Here’s a shot of the in-game hud:

The all important widget

Now, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a web widget where we could display a sort of realtime feed of the number of saved Gnarballs, globally? Well, we have that planned too.. It’ll be available on our webpage at the time of launch!

Writing this post made me want to use more of our non-existent spare time on this title.. Now where’s that petition to extend the day by 12 hours? I’ll just leave it at that and present you with the meanest of them all..