Such is the glamorous life of app and game developers that we used to have to spend ages playing around with Photoshop, resizing and reformatting images to create the right icons to include in iPads, iPhones and Android-based apps and games. It‘s at times like that you sometimes wonder about getting a real job :-) No more! The Iconimator application does it all for you in a flash.

Global financial turmoil and austerity measures? Rubbish! If people can spend $3 billion worldwide on things like clothing for their in-game avatars then either there’s something seriously imbalanced out there or there is more spare income available than we’re being led to believe. Hang on a second…I just need to harvest some more zombies on my Zombie Farm…brb. Damn – where’s my credit card?

Bored with the same old marketing methods? Website and social media sites not delivering the results you expected? Current campaigns nothing more than a damp squib? Times are changing quickly and any marketers who haven’t yet considered mobile game marketing might be interested in paying close attention to what their audience is doing, because advertising and branding tends to follow where the crowds go. A compelling case is building for businesses to shift focus towards mobile applications and we look at some of the key drivers here.

There might be a tasty new sandwich on the menu soon that has mobile gamers salivating, because it can make mobile gaming more like a full console experience. The high uptake of smartphones has spawned a whole new band of people who enjoy playing games in short bursts on the go – as we can see every day as we walk down the street, wait for a train, sit in the doctor’s waiting room or take a breather in the shopping mall. Well, some like to play games at home too – and that’s where Ice Cream Sandwich comes in.

Seems like ways to make smart phones even smarter are back on the agenda as the subject of phones with bendable screens is being talked about again; especially as the much over-hyped subject of what the iPhone 5 will look like is raised again. Will this technology be a game changer? What effects would bendable screens have on the mobile gaming industry as a whole? We check out the story below.