Want To Cut Out Some Of The Slog From App & Game Development?

Mark Stephens

Such is the glamorous life of app and game developers that we used to have to spend ages playing around with Photoshop, resizing and reformatting images to create the right icons to include in iPads, iPhones and Android-based apps and games. It‘s at times like that you sometimes wonder about getting a real job :-) No more! The Iconimator application does it all for you in a flash.


The Previous Problems

The fact that you need different icon sizes and formats for iOs and Android used to double the amount of work that developers had to do.

As you know, we are always looking at ways to do something once rather than twice for the two platforms. That’s only human nature right? What’s the point of unnecessarily duplicating work?

So it was something of a bug-bear that we needed to create icons for all or some of the following TWICE – once for iOS and once for Android (not all icons are needed for all apps or games, of course):

  • Launcher icons – for the application listing, home screens and clicked on to launch an application.
  • Menu icons – for when the user presses the Menu button in your application.
  • Action Bar icons – shown on the Action Bar in your application.
  • Dialog icons – in the top left corner of a Dialog control, next to the dialog prompt.
  • Status Bar icons – shown when a notification associated with the application occurs.
  • List icons – shown on ListView controls that have icons and text controls.
  • Tab icons – shown on TabView controls that have icons and text labels.

Icons are an important part of an app, showing that your app integrates fully with the required platform and it is the image that users are looking for, to click on to launch a program. There was no getting around the hard work that went into creating them.

Where Iconimator Fits In

Monkeybin’s Iconimator app, until recently, helped generate the necessary icons for the iOS platform, but we still had to create the Android icons separately; many developers used the Android Icon Templates Pack tool, from the Android website, for help. This creates templates that can be adapted for icons for specific apps and games.

Well, now there’s no need. Iconimator does everything for you. You simply upload a 512 × 512 version of the PNG, JPEG or GIF file you want to use, wait a second for the conversion and then download all the versions of the icon you could ever need in one handy file – for Androids as well as iPhones and iPads.

It is a really serious time-saver, from which you will never look back, once you’ve used it once.

Check Iconimator out here. It’s FREE to use. If you find it useful don’t forget to tell the world about it on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks!