Jumpship Just Got Jumped!

Mark Stephens

The folks at Monkeybin have been very busy chimps over the past months; you may have seen some of the things that have been going on round here with the release of a new app or two and the pending release of a couple more…but this week we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when our “baby” finally got the release it deserved. It’s taken blood, sweat, tears and not a small amount of time but we’re proud to announce the release of Jumpship Thrust Control 2 – now available in the App store.

Original Jumpship Problems

When we released Jumpship Thrust Control back in April 2011, we were pleased with our work.


We had a game that resembled the old style Atari and Commodore 64 games we used to love, but with beautiful modern graphics helping to create colourful and eerie terrains; we had the fast pace action we were after that gets the blood racing when you play it; we had some of the necessary simplicity of games that need to cross over from devices of different sizes – iPad, iPhone, iPod.

What we misjudged was the difficulty of the game. As many users pointed out, crashing was just a little too inevitable and a little too quick!

So the Monkeybin team rounded on the game and jumped it! That’s right – we ganged up and rearranged its whole face!

Jumpship Thinking

We worked on a whole heap of improvements; the dilemma we faced was how to create the balance between a game that was simple enough for most people to play but difficult to master. That’s where the skill of game designers and developers really comes in (that’s us, by the way.)

We didn’t want to simply make the original game a lot easier by slowing it down or making the spaceship smaller because then gamers would have cried “too easy!”; we know what a fickle bunch they can be!

Jumpship Mark 2 Improvements

We decided firstly to add difficulty modes – so the new version has BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and EXPERT modes for starters. The difficulty is mainly in the speed of the game.

We added a training mode, where you can’t crash; this helps noobs control the ship – so they can get used to tapping the screen and steering a straight course.
Next we made the spaceship easier to control by a little pause as the game starts, which wasn’t in the original.

Then we added 5 new levels; the original Cave Entrance level remains, but we’ve added Aliens, Cave Life, Psychedelic, Submerged and The Boss levels, which present completely new and imaginative terrains to navigate your escape from; these landscapes go on and on, presenting new obstacles and gremlins to contend with as well as great new powerups to give you that boost forward, make your ship smaller or un-killable for a while, or slow the ship down.

It’s a visual and adventure-based feast!

Not Everything’s Changed

Of course not everything’s changed – it still looks pretty much the same, you’ve just got a load more choices and levels.

It still has the vivid colours and the rocking soundtrack; it still loads quickly and effortlessly on your Apple devices.

Check It Out…

Ok, so they are the main changes in a nutshell. Remember you can download it and try it out for yourself here

We think we’ve achieved the goal of creating a high quality, multi-layered game that virtually anyone can play and enjoy, from kids up to serious gamers, but you’ll need to work on to hit the top of the leaderboard.

Be warned – even those with ninja-reflexes and the eyes of a hawk will still be challenged at expert level.

We’re really proud to release such a high quality graphics-intensive game for handsets and tablets and hope we have just helped to push the frontiers of mobile gaming a little further outwards!