Keep Taking The Tablets - From The Games Room To The Boardroom!

Mark Stephens

I was one of the sceptics when tablet computers were first released, because I couldn’t see too many buying a pricey device that was neither a mobile phone nor a fully-fledged computer. I was underestimating the power of the “mobile” element of tablets – the fact that some of them can fit in an inside jacket pocket or in a handbag or school satchel – which seems to be more important than the limitations I was considering.


I have had to change my opinion in light of the seemingly unquenchable desire to do more and more things “on the go” and on devices that don’t need plugging in to a power supply.

From teenagers to CEOs of companies, from games to business apps, tablets seem to have apparently crossed the divide with a universal appeal.

The Growth of The Tablet

It has been noted that, from the time of the first smartphone, it was 7 years before the number of owners hit 20 million; with tablets that number was hit in just 20 months, since April 2010 saw the release of the first iPad.

It’s not just the iPad either, of course; that’s the “daddy” of modern tablets but it is priced out of many people’s budgets, especially in the developing world; the cheaper options such as the Kindle Fire and the new Nook open tablets up to a wider market.

Last month, research firm comScore reported that iPad traffic surpassed iPhone traffic for the first time, despite the iPad having only been on the market for less than two years.

Gaming on Tablets

comScore also discovered that two-thirds of tablet owners use their device to play mobile gaming at least once a month and almost a quarter play games every day.

Game playing was actually more popular than video watching, listening to music or reading news or eBooks on tablets.

Apple has recently decided to allow subscription-based gaming on iPads too, so the figures are likely to increase.

When these stats are combined with the remarkable growth stats of tablet purchases, anyone who argued that tablet computing would never take off or die a quick death are eating their words.

In the Boardroom

But tablets are not just for Fruit Ninja freaks or_ Infinity Blade_ warriors; there is a growing use of tablets in the business world too.


Monkeybin’s soon-to-be-released app for the iPad demonstrates this point very well.

It’s called Share a Sketch and is an application that allows people to share sketches, plans, designs etc instantly with other iPad users; this allows several people to work on drawings and ideas together, boosting creativity and teamwork on projects in the workplace or out of it.

It can also help public presenters communicate ideas instantly to the big screen from their iPad or used socially for having fun sketching with friends.

There will be more about Share a Sketch in the months to come but right now many businesses use tablets to:

  • Create and edit documents on the go
  • Create presentations
  • Deal with business logistics
  • Log and share information
  • Create graphs and flowcharts
  • Record voice memos
  • Attend online meetings with colleagues
  • Monitor and troubleshoot IT infrastructure
  • Many more things besides!

With new apps being added all the time the functionality of tablets is growing in line with their popularity.

Seeing such a diverse use of iPads and other tablets – in the business, gaming, social and education arenas especially – has convinced me that they are here to stay and will continue to be improved, as they are still quite new on the scene.

Meanwhile it seems that people are going to keep taking the tablets!