The Top iOS Apps of 2011 – According To Apple

Mark Stephens

As the year draws to a close we thought it was time to take a look at Apple’s iTunes Rewind 2011 which reveals the best iPhone and iPad apps, podcasts, TV shows, music and movies categories – according to Apple themselves. We focus on the paid and free iPhone/iPad apps and games, presenting the main results below.

iPad – Paid Apps and Games

The best paid app for the iPad is djay which allows you to turn any of the songs in your iTunes library into a sampled version via its turntable interface. You can add mixing and scratching and other great effects.


The number one paid game according to Apple is Contre Jour HD which is a physics puzzle game, where you have to use the touchscreen to shape the landscape so that you can navigate yourself to safety.

Shadowgun and Gesundheit grab the runners-up spots from Apple in this category.

iPad – Free Apps and Games

Apple didn’t actually name any free iPad apps or games in their award-winners; all the ones they named were paid-for.

iPhone – Free Apps and Games

Instagram is chosen as the best free app for the iPhone. This photo sharing app makes taking great photos a breeze, adding filtering effects to your shots to give them a professional feel. Instagram is also a growing social network.

Tiny Tower is named as the best free iPhone game of the year. You are a property developer building towers and filling them with businesses and “bitizens” to create your own business empire.


Tofu-2 also gets a very honourable mention. This game, which is a sequel, has 100 levels and you need to navigate your soy-protein character through these levels using speed and skill.

iPhone – Paid Apps and Games

Tiny Wings is the iPhone’s paid game of the year. The game involves controlling a bird that needs some help flying by using hills as jumps – you can slide down, flap your wings and fly, but you have to watch out for gravity and night fall.

Apple chose Momento as the best paid app of the year for iPhone – this is a diary that helps you keep track of your life and share to social networks.

The above awards don’t take into account the sales figures; Apple has separate rundowns of the best selling paid and free apps and games, available through iTunes.

You guessed it – Angry Birds was the best selling paid iPhone application of 2011 and Tap Zoo was the biggest grossing.

Angry Birds HD was also listed as the top-selling and top-grossing iPad application.

No big surprises there, but things change quickly in App-land. What are the likely winners and best sellers of 2012 going to be? Or are they still being developed?

Hmmm…back to work now…Monkeybin needs to be in there next year :-)