MindFeud - Get Your Brain Into Gear With Our New Social Game!

Mark Stephens

The new game from the Monkeybin team is a move away from dexterity and hand to eye co-ordination and towards getting your brain into gear!


Previous games from the team have had you tilting your mobile device and tapping the screen to drop packets of turd on innocent passers by (Seagull’s Revenge), or madly tapping your screen to enable safe passage of a little blue spaceship that just won’t stay on a horizontal plane, through tunnels and all sorts of forbidding terrain (Jumpship Thrust Control).

Things have changed.

A New Approach

The new game, MindFeud, takes a different tack and is social gaming and mental gymnastics all wrapped up in one.

Gone are the great visuals, the gyroscopic controls and the thumping music or seagull squawks; instead you have a plain and simple board and 6 coloured and patterned tiles that you need to drag and drop into formations that win you points.

It’s brain power – pure and simple – that will win the day here.

MindFeud – Game Basics

MindFeud is a 2-player game and the objective is to score more points than your opponent, by laying down tiles in the best formations possible on the board.

The trick comes with identifying WHERE best to place your tiles and in WHAT FORMATIONS. Both will win you points and the permutations are…well…not infinite…but more than I’d care to count.

There are 6 different colours and 6 different designs/shapes on the tiles; you have 6 tiles in your “hand” at a time and they can be placed anywhere on the board providing you lay down tiles that share a characteristic (a colour or shape) and connect to others tiles already on the board.

There are a few other need-to-knows that you can check out within the app, but it’s easy to play and you will start to get the feel for the game after a couple of practice games.

A word of warning though – come up against players who really know their stuff and watch them dominate you!

Now, does that sounds like a challenge?

Our First Social Game

Challenges are an integral part of the attraction of MindFeud.

It’s a social game and you can easily challenge other players on the network and mete out another beating or get revenge for the beating they dealt out to you last time.

You can invite friends, colleagues or complete strangers to duel with you on the MindFeud board and see whose brain power wins the battle; or you can even play against the in-game bot called “ADAMA.”

MindFeud and Future Developments

We don’t really have a blueprint for the types of games and apps that we create here at Monkeybin; you will have seen in the past 12 months or so that there has been quite a range of diverse creations and we’d like to keep it that way.

With MindFeud we wanted to see how a simple, but potentially addictive social board game would go down; I guess all developers are looking for that winning formula that gives them the big breakthrough.

But we can only create apps and games that we think are cool and pass our own test first. Otherwise we would just be emulating other developers instead of carving out our own niche.

Anyway, we certainly hope we get your brain hurting a bit with MindFeud! Enjoy!

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