MindFeud – The State Of Play…..

Mark Stephens

A little over a month after the release of Mindfeud, the new social board game from Monkeybin, we thought we’d share some of the good news with you. The reviews have been great and we’re building a good following of users who’ve downloaded the game for their iOS, Android or Kindle Fire.


The Current State of Play – Highlights!

★ Number #1 in Netherlands Board Games
★ Number #1 in Norway Board Games
★ Top 10 in Puzzle & Board in several countries
★ Rated 5 stars by iPhoneClub
★ 8/10 review by TheAppleGoogle

Video Reviews and Buzz

Already there have been some great video reviews of Mindfeud.

AppShrink includes a very detailed review" and a tutorial based on a game against Adama, the rather clever in-game bot

Here are some of the words the reviewer uses to describe the game: “mindboggling”, “fantastic”, “fun”, “epic” and “definitely go ahead and check it out”

All good eh? Thanks Appshrink!

Then there’s another helpful video tutorial/review here on the Daily App Show:


MindFeud is available for download from Amazon and so this is slowly gathering a few reviews.

Here are two of the 5-star reviews over the past few weeks:

“…in this game you play against others, you can wait for the opponent to play, or you can have several games going at the same time. this is quite similar to scramble but with symbols. try it, if you like scramble but don’t like words”

“I agree that this is a great game…”

Google Play

On Google-Play here’s a summary of user ratings so far

5 star 43
4 star 37
3 star 19
2 star 3
1 star 7

Any developer would be happy with that – we’re delighted – and here’s a selection of user comments to accompany those ratings:

“FANTASTIC! A Qwirkle-like game for your phone~you can play against the bot or play live online….Finally, a cellphone game I like. Thank you!”

“Its a fun game”

“Sweeeeet – A bit slow at times but it might be my phone, other than that it’s a great game.”

“Much fun Just start playing today… Glad I did”

“Great!Lots of fun”

The Apple Google

The Apple Google website awards Mindfeud a rating of 8/10 and leads with the headline:

“MindFeud for iOS requires serious thinking…”

“…The game features a very informational tutorial at the beginning which you’ll be able to get hold of easily. A fun feature of this App is that if you are playing with someone online, you’ll be able to chat with them in real-time which even makes the game more challenging.”

“Overall, MindFeud is a very interesting concept and the game has been very well planned… might have to learn the concepts at first a bit, but when you have a strong grip of them, you’ll start having fun.”

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10”

Crazy Mike’s Apps


Monkeybin is an advertiser on Crazy Mike’s site but he kindly reviewed the app for us and this is what his verdict is:

“Having played literally thousands of games on the iPhone, not many require as much brainpower as this game does. Maybe because this game was inspired by the MENSA award-winning board game Qwirkle.”

“Be prepared to bring your best and learn quickly — otherwise, ADAMA will eat your lunch.”

“This game got me hooked, but the sad thing is I have not won a game (and have played about 10).”

The Minor Teething Problems

A few users initially brought to our attention some login problems due to an unresponsive login button; hopefully we’ve found a fix for that, and anyway it will be permanently fixed in the updated version 2.0.0, which is currently going through testing.

Anyone with login problems please switch to the signup screen and then back to the login screen.

If that doesn’t work then follow these steps:

• Delete MindFeud from your device
• Turn device off completely, then back on
• Download MindFeud from the AppStore
• Log in again

Updates and Feedback

Wanna know what is going on with the game development? It’s all in the MindFeud Developer Blog.

For regular updates, news, feedback and reviews of Mindfeud, why not check out our Facebook page:

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Mindfeud news and snippets can also be found on Twitter: @Mindfeud

Don’t forget that the App is free with ads and a premium version is available as an in-app purchase for just $2.99. Download the iOS version from here.