Social Gaming Stat Attack – An Update on What’s Hot!

Mark Stephens

Are you worried at all about the state of the social and mobile gaming industry? Think the doom and gloom caused by Zynga’s plummeting share price is cause for concern for the rest of us? Don’t be…the stats from Facebook and elsewhere show that all is healthy and we can look forward to many more years of innovation and gaming pleasure; the social gaming industry is just flexing its muscles and looking where to turn next. Enjoy the ride!


How’s Facebook Doing?

Facebook’s share price seems to have leveled out this year after the initial well-publicised losses following the IPO. At the Game Developers Conference back in March the social media giant released some figures which showed how the social gaming component of its business remained very strong:

• Over 250 million users play games on Facebook every month
• 20 percent of daily visitors play games
• Around 200 games have over 1 million monthly active users
• Game installs have increased 75 percent from a year ago
• The first quarter of 2013 represented the most successful three-month period to date for revenue and people playing games
• Over 100 game developers generated over $1 million in 2012 from their Facebook games
• The total revenue shared between all developers was over $2 billion

If developers are still finding the Facebook platform lucrative for their business then this is a good sign that the industry as a whole is doing well.
As the emphasis on mobile gaming increases, Facebook is likely to maintain a strong position with its efforts to encourage integration with iOS and Android.

• Facebook’s mobile apps sent 263 million visitors to Google Play and the App Store in February 2013 alone.
• 82 percent of the 100 top-grossing iOS games are integrated with Facebook
• Around 75 percent of the 100 top-grossing Android games in the US are also integrated.

What were the Top 5 games as of the beginning of June 2013?

1. Words With Friends
2. Candy Crush Saga
3. SongPop
4. Criminal Case
5. Dragon City

Mobile Gaming Stats

Mobile gaming statistics also point to a healthy state of play; more devices, more powerful graphics capabilities, more developers.
Here are a few interesting facts and figures based on the latest reports:

• Almost a third of the US population play mobile games – around 100 million
• In Europe there are around around 70 million mobile gamers
• While more US women play social games than men, more men play mobile games
• 4.2 million iOS games are downloaded every day in the USA
• The average Android game player spends 9.3 hours per month gaming
• The mobile gaming industry was worth $12 billion in 2011; by 2015 this is expecetd to have more than quadrupled


A lot of the unwarranted fears about the social gaming market stem form it being grouped together with the “gaming” market; fears over console games and the electronic entertainment industry as a whole, which many gaming experts believe is in decline, sometimes spills over into the mobile and social gaming market.

mobileHowever, it seems to follow quite different trends. In fact with social gaming eating away at some of the console, video and PC game market generally, they should be considered quite separate.

If we take World of Warcraft – which has broken all records for online role-playing games – for instance. What has been the secret of its success? Largely it has been the ability for game players to interact, along with some rather nifty graphics, effects and strategy interests of course.

Now that social media platforms and mobile devices have allowed people to interact much more readily, without having to be tied to a PC even, it should be no surprise that the traditional gaming models have had to rapidly give up ground to social gaming. Gaming is not in decline at all – but its nature is definitely changing.