Do you think that kid sitting next to you is simply playing a game? Wiling away a few moments in idle fun, shooting zombies, matching candy, making birds angry? Well, possibly. But he could also be learning some valuable skills during the process. There is a lot going on in our minds and subliminally when we play social games – below we look at seven of the major skills we can develop.



The Gamification of Life

Mark Stephens

It’s not just app developers, game distributors, social media platforms and mobile device makers who have pricked up their ears and opened their eyes at the social gaming revolution. All sorts of areas of life – both personal and professional - are starting to become interested in gaming as a way to communicate, teach, train and engage. ‘Gamification’ - it’s the new buzz word!

I don’t need to quote the latest industry figures to demonstrate the huge popularity of social and mobile gaming; just take a look around. But why is this form of gaming so popular and why has it become an integral part of the lives of so many people on the planet? Some of the reasons are obvious, but others not so…