Tile-matching games are one of the most-played social games around. There is something about them that makes them oh-so-lovable. Is it the simplicity? The fine balance of challenge with ease-of-play? The huge number of levels? Is it the motion and the colour? The fact that they only take a few minutes to complete a level? Something makes these little devils so addictive. Just when you thought you might be getting over your addiction, along comes Monkeybin’s addition to the stable of fun-sized matching games …



Among the biggest winners of the social and mobile gaming revolution is the large band of funsters who love to test their brains with puzzles. There are so many ways to mangle your brain… and we’re proud to announce our latest addition to the puzzle gaming family.



From Archimedes to Apple

Mark Stephens

Later this month Monkeybin will release two brand new puzzle games, Hyspherical and Crossed, which are sure to have you gamers all in a spin. Both are dynamic games available initially on the App Store, but they also draw on a long history of puzzles, which have captivated funsters of all ages throughout time. We take a look at that rich history...