MindFeud becomes BoardRush & Friends

Haakon Langaas Lageng

Now that BoardRush & Friends has been launched, one can’t help and compare it with MindFeud. The game rules and concept are still the same but there are also several noteworthy differences regarding the gameplay parts.

We know too well that changes don’t sit well with everyone. We’re sorry if you feel that BoardRush & Friends is not as good for you as MindFeud was. Please give BoardRush & Friends a fair chance before making the final judgement – hopefully you’ll recognize the improvements and enjoy the multitude of boards just as much as we do. We love our new game! Really! :)

BoardRush & Friends IS NOT MindFeud. No data is moved from MindFeud to BoardRush. Everyone starts with fresh statistics.

The user perspective

  1. BoardRush & Friends has better graphics and animations. It now highlights the possible places on the board for you to drag or place the tiles. It also shows how much each tile scores as it easily calculates the number of points added to your current score. The sounds and animations are brand new.
  1. There’s a bonus/penalty at the end of the game based on the number of remaining tiles. The scoring has changed – now a multiplier multiplies a multiplier! :) In MindFeud you’d get (score * multiplier) + (score * multiplier) if you played on 2 multipliers. In BoardRush & Friends, you’ll get score * multiplier * multiplier.
  1. BoardRush & Friends has a huge selection of boards, with the option purchase one of the offered boards with the use of player earned coins. In a few months time, the boards catalogue will be HUGE. The users can even design their own boards.
  1. The notifications have improved. We’ve implemented a real time system that makes the game update immediately when the state changes, and it is 100 % reliable.
  1. The addition of features like the Hint Function that would play a great move for you scoring the highest possible combination, the option to challenge the best matches of the day and allowing you to nudge an opponent if you think he/she hasn’t touched his board for a couple of days.
  1. BoardRush & Friends is easier to grasp as a beginner because of the new tutorial and the in-game aid.

Oh, and there’s a business side as well

To us, BoardRush & Friends is the way MindFeud should have been from the very start. BoardRush has less ads and less intrusive ads; no video ads! We have moved away from only 1 upgrade option (PREMIUM) and instead we’re relying on virtual coins, powerups and V.I.P. upgrades. The game is of course totally playable without using money, but some will find it better if they spend a little. That’s a personal choice.

The flow is different, meaning that we focus on driving the users to play constantly. You get the “Next Challenge” button if you have other challenges waiting, and after a game ends one of the players is encouraged to challenge back. We focus on weekly tournaments as a means to earn powerups.

New ideas

With the huge following of MindFeud, players constantly suggest new ideas and leave tons of feedback for features that they want in the game. It was not possible to update MindFeud to this level, everything with MindFeud was out of date, both in the app and on the server side. It was Monkeybin’s first big project, and not at all good enough for a long life with many updates. With BoardRush & Friends we’ve been able to start from scratch, taking all the pros and cons from MindFeud up to consideration.