Would You Sacrifice Sex (or Your Life) for BoardRush & Friends?

Mark Stephens

There – that got your attention! But it’s not just a wild attempt to grab your arm and to get you reading. A recent US survey found that one in five mobile social game players would rather give up sex than their games for a week, and this has been making headlines on gaming sites around the world. But that’s not all they find in the survey – there are some even more worrying discoveries!


The Mobile Gaming Chronicles

PlayPhone is a global mobile social gaming network that enables operators and messaging apps to offer their customers personalised social gaming experiences.

The company clearly has a big interest in knowing what motivates gamers and, specifically, what encourages them to spend money, so it set up a survey called ‘The Mobile Gaming Chronicles’ which questioned more than a thousand social gaming Americans about their behaviours.

The first part of the survey focused on identifying the group most likely to pay for its gaming experience (25 to 39 year olds); the second drilled down into this group of a thousand people to discover more about their cultural behaviours and habits when playing games on their smartphones and tablets.

Key Findings

You can see the full infographic here but, in the meantime, some of the standout statistics about their willingness to pay for the gaming experience include:

• 37 percent of the group are willing to pay $5 or more for a monthly game subscription that would provide them a complete gaming experience (access to games, game levels and in-game items)
• This figure rises to 57 percent for Latino Americans
• Of those that would pay, 54 percent are men and 46 percent are women (which is roughly the reverse of the break-up of the gender of the average social gamer)
• 25 to 29 year olds is the age group most likely to spend
• 56 percent of mobile gamers who play for 3 to 5 hours per day are likely to spend

As we get into more detail about the social habits of these gamers and the relative importance of gaming to their lives, we learn a few more interesting tidbits about those who play games for at least an hour per day:

• 56 percent claim they are addicted to mobile gaming; when this figure rises to at least three hours per day, the percentage climbs to 71 percent
• 68 percent frequently or occasionally sacrifice sleep on a non-work night to finish playing a mobile game (58 percent on a work night)
• 49 percent play mobile games at work
• 22 percent use calendar reminders to play mobile game
• 17 percent frequently or occasionally playing mobile games while driving. This figure is 28 percent for those who play at least three hours a day
• 20 percent would rather give up sex than mobile games for a week (29 percent of those who play at least three hours per day)


While the survey was conducted to help Playphone to ‘deliver an optimal social gaming experience’ it should probably be noted that the social gaming experience isn’t great if you are paralysed for the rest of your life from a road accident caused by playing games while driving.

There seems to be surprisingly little comment about the penultimate stat above, and all the headlines are about the last one.

Not to be prudes…but playing anything (in fact doing anything) on the phone or tablet while you are driving is Just. Plain. Dumb!

All in all, we are happy to recommend that BoardRush & Friends is best enjoyed when stationary or when someone else is behind the wheel!