Bring Out the Ugliness In You

Mark Stephens

Among the biggest winners of the social and mobile gaming revolution is the large band of funsters who love to test their brains with puzzles. There are so many ways to mangle your brain… and we’re proud to announce our latest addition to the puzzle gaming family.

Puzzle games for training your brain

Puzzle games have pretty much been around since the dawn of civilization, with ancient Greek and Chinese puzzles just an older form of what we get today.

In nineteenth century China traditional puzzles like Tangram and Huarong Press were (and still are) considered intelligence games for training the mind in creative and logical thinking:

“Chinese rings, tangrams, wire puzzles and burr puzzles have been treasured by people from all walks of life. Scholars have written volumes exploring their intricacies. Members of the royal family gave puzzles as gifts and enjoyed playing with them on holidays. Young women from well-to-do families played with them to help pass the time. And common people enjoyed puzzle solving as an inexpensive form of entertainment.”

The difference is now there are TONS of puzzle games – and “common people” like you  don’t have to be presented with a gift. Anyone with a phone or tablet can download as many as they like for free!


Hyspherical was released a day ago, and it is already featured all around the world by Apple!

The basic concept is beautifully simple, as with most successful games, but take it up a few levels and it may just bring out the ugliness in you!

It is a game of judgment and brainpower, with players having to tap the screen to add spheres onto rotating circles, while avoiding collisions between the spheres. While it starts off relatively simple, it gets ever-more skull crunching in complication.

With over 100 levels to test your skills out, and progressive increases in difficulty, you are given a few rounds to get a feel for it before it really starts to get testing. To be a master will take time, effort, and maybe a new brain.

So be prepared for the “possibly impossible”.

Hyspherical can be downloaded here