Just When You Thought You’d Cured Your Matching Game Addiction…

Mark Stephens

Tile-matching games are one of the most-played social games around. There is something about them that makes them oh-so-lovable. Is it the simplicity? The fine balance of challenge with ease-of-play? The huge number of levels? Is it the motion and the colour? The fact that they only take a few minutes to complete a level? Something makes these little devils so addictive. Just when you thought you might be getting over your addiction, along comes Monkeybin’s addition to the stable of fun-sized matching games …

Tile Matching Games

Is there anyone on the planet aged between 10 and 50 who has never heard of either Tetris or Candy Crush?

Probably not. That’s testament to the crazy popularity of matching games in the past 20 years. Tetris was one of the first to make it really big, taking advantage of the rise of the console and hand-held gaming options of the 90s; as PC gaming took off, computer versions of arcade video games like Bejeweled continued the popularity.

In the past 5 or 6 years, social media has taken the idea to new heights with Candy Crush Saga having a good claim to be called the most popular game in history.

Most of these games revolve around the same premise – matching randomly falling tiles (often three at a time) to accumulate points, and to make them disappear off the board to create more space/time to complete the level.

Introducing… Crossed

Crossed is Monkeybin’s addition to the matching game family. If you think you’re a master of matching games then this one is a new challenge.

Released in mid-October 2014, Crossed is a free-to-play, multiple level game, where players try to match three or more colored crosses to score; they can form cascades to turbo-boost their totals, making use of a series of power-ups wherever possible. Be warned – things do get complicated!

Given the simple but addictive quality of Crossed, the question is not how quickly you will pick it up – bit how quickly you can put it down again.

Meanwhile, here’s what the critics are saying about it:


That’s right – precisely nothing! Monkeybin games appear to be infinitesimal in the world of critics!

But life goes on. Crossed can be downloaded from the App Store NOW