Here's a selection of our proud list of games! Watch out for new titles - we're always working on some awesome stuff...


Monsterminds, a reward winning, highly acclaimed multiplayer board game. It plays like Scrabble/Words with Friends, but with symbols and colors instead of letters, it’s language is universal and there’s no need for a dictionary or vocabulary.

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Hyspherical 2 | Featured by Apple

Hyspherical 2 is an acutely tricky puzzle game where you must time dropping perfect circles onto different shapes. Sounds easy, but timing is everything and Geometry has never been simple to master!

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Hyspherical | Featured by Apple

A game that looks beautiful but may just bring out the ugliness in you!

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This game is the epitome of social picture guessing games! QuizPix is an awesome picture guessing game, where you challenge your friends to a battle in various categories. Your goal is to pick the correct word that matches the picture from the multiple choices available. Each round consists of 5 pictures where the goal is to answer as quickly as possible and beat your opponent.

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Quopples is a social, hyper-fast, turn-based matching game, where you need wit and speed to blast your way to victory. Challenge your friends for a fun game of Quopples and get tapping to switch tiles around the board.

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Don’t miss the freshest thing since Te*ri! Crossed is super easy to get into, yet strangely addictive.

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Ninety8 is a card puzzle you’ll love from the very first second. Really easy to learn, but extremely hard to reach the final card.

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BoardRush & Friends

BoardRush & Friends is a super social and mobile battle of boards! Your ammunition? Multi-colored tiles with different symbols, a huge selection of boards and a wicked board designer!

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iCan ABC

iCan ABC is carefully crafted with the young ones in mind. There are no ads, no sneaky buy this or that links and no integrations with services outside the app. The menus are simplistic and straight forward, everything is made in such a way that the entire game can be navigated and controlled by your preschool children.

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Seagull’s Revenge

A poopular game, where the seagulls finally got their revenge. No longer available for download. – See more at:

Jumpship Thrust Control

Our very first game. A sidescroller, gravity based spaceship odysse. No longer available for download. – See more at:


More than 3 million players worldwide played MindFeud – but the game is now closed down. BoardRush & Friends took over for MindFeud in March 2014.

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