Do you like board, puzzle match, dice or word games? Would you like to compete with friends or with people around the world? Have you tried many board games but you can not reach suitable board games yourself? Don’t worry. You are in the right place.

If you like board games and if you are competitive, you will love this game!
Monsterminds is easy to learn, but hard to master gameplay!

With this fun game Monsterminds Board Game: Play with Friends, you will enjoy and battle with your best buddies. A game for all ages you can play with your mother, grandfather, father, children and of course, your friends.

Monsterminds features:
● Addictive and easy gameplay. Place monsters on the board by the rules
● Compete with Zalo (Artificial Intelligence opponent), friend or with a random opponent
● You’ll be matched against players at a similar level to you. Test your opponents.
● You can play with different stakes
● Reach new levels and unlocks boards
● Play 1vs1 (PvP)
● Compete in weekly tournaments & events
● 15 different boards
● Boards 1-5 on 9×9 slots
● Boards 6-10 on 11×11 slots
● Boards 11-15 on 13×13 slots
● Top Monsters leaderboard
● Unlock and collect avatar frames
● Additional metagame (add outfits, change the profile frame)
● Send emotes to your opponents
● Mini-game (scratch cards and win coins). You are able to buy extra scratch cards for games. You can use gems to buy coins.
● No need to be a word geek. Our addictive board game is for people off all ages
● Boost your scores using multipliers
● Well-known board game tactics from a famous word game
● Eye-catching graphics and colorful gameplay
● Hours of endless fun
● Competitive and creative
● Savor tasty graphics, luscious animations, and amazing audio experience. The best looking mobile board game by far!
● Highly rated by players who enjoy dice, match, puzzle, and word games

Test your skills against your friends and buddies. Get Monsterminds!
Our addictive, fun board game will become your new addiction! You won’t be able to put it down. Players of all ages can participate in our game.

Are you ready to battle with your best friends & buddies and people from all over the world? Fight online PvP battles with your friends.